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Friday, 9 September 2016

Share the Love of Altenew

One of my favourite stamp companies is Altenew, and they have a video challenge going on where people can submit videos on why they love Altenew so much.
I have done a couple of videos to enter the challenge.

I started off card making because of discovering stamping, and especially the heat embossing, it is such a magical thing.  Through the years I had moved away from stamping, I might stamp the sentiment, but that was sometimes all I stamped on a card.  

Then two years ago, I saw a stamp and some cards made with it, on pinterest, it was the Vintage Rose stamp set my Altenew!  I fell in love with it and just had to have it.  It cost me a fortune with the postage from USA and the exchange rate, which wasn't good at that stage.  Anyway I bought it and absolutely loved it.... and that was the return and love of stamping that I have now.  

So here is the video

Altenew is such a innovative company, combining old ideas with a modern twist.  They produce stamps that are quite different than any other company, including sentiment stamps in other languages.  Not many companies do that.  But their layered stamping system is unique and takes stamping to a whole new level, they look so professional and amazing!
I think my cards have also moved to a whole new level because of these stamps.  

They also produce some fantastic inks, and they sell them in colour families, so if you want to do a particular colour for your flowers, then the ink colours are there for you, starting from a pale shade, right up to the darker shades for the darker layers of the stamp.  A well thought out product, and they keep doing this.  

Their latest product is some kits for doing particular types of cards like wedding invitations or thank you cards, these have all the products and instructions you need to make the cards including the card blanks, envelopes, stamps, inks and ideas sheets.  What a fantastic idea!

I look forward to seeing what they produce next.... I can't wait!


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