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Saturday, 14 July 2012

My first zentangles

I wanted to share with you another form of craft I have been doing in between my cards.  I discovered Zentagles recently, and I have to say, I have got rather hooked! 

You start off having a go at the different patterns and tangles that are available on lots of sites on the internet, and before you know it, you are producing pictures that are very effective, and you didn't even know you could draw!!!

My first one is one that I did as a sampler, of different patterns, and decided to make it into a quilt.

The second one is of a butterfly
Finally one with a cat silhouette

I have to say, I really enjoy doing these, they are very relaxing to do, and the results are amazing.  
The next thing I want to try is doing some mandalas, which are similar, but more detailed with the patterns and the results are very clever designs.