Saturday, 1 March 2014

80 Birthday Card

I have made a card for Fat Cats Card Corner this one using the Marianne Creatables Anja Border LR0300, which I think is really beautiful!

I cut out two of the main border, and stuck them together as mirror images of each other.  Mounted them on to a pale pink paper.  The centre is the tag from the Spellbinders radiant rectangles set.  The roses are made with a 5 petal die by Marianne Creatables called 'flower set die' from some time ago.  The white ones, I left out the centres and put in pink stamens.  The buds are made with just one of the petals that I have slit nearer to the centre, the cupped, glued onto some florist wire, and then glued a calyx to the bottom of the bud.  The tiny flowers are spiral roses using the Impression Obsession spiral flower die set.  The leaves are done with either the spellbinder rose leaf from their leaves set, and the Marianne Creatables  leafy swirl die. Finished off with a few pearls, and the 80 cut out with glitter card.

I finished it off by making a box on my  Silhouette Cameo with a window with acetate, so you can see the card inside.  

Pom Pom flower tutorial

I have been asked how I made a pom pom flower some time ago, and thought I would make a tutorial to show how it was made.  I do have to apologise about the quality of the photos, as I did it in a hurry, and for some reason, my embossing mat, has started disintegrating, and after I had taken the photos and made the flower, I see some of the photos show little dirty black specks that must be bits of the mat.  They look horrid, so I apologise for those.  I also used a light card to make them, it was about 160gsm, but I think it is probably a little thick, would probably be better with a paper.

I have used a cutting file on my silhouette cameo that I made myself from a picture of a punch I think, but it was quite a long time ago, so I cannot remember what punch it was from. You could use other punches or dies, and several that would be ok to use would be the stampin up Flower shop bundle punch, the Cheery Lynn Sweet William die, the Carl Sakura punch, the punch bunch blossom punch etc. The only thing to realise is that if you are using something like the blossom punch, if the petals don't go very far in to the centre, you may need to cut them into the centre a little, as later when you have to fold it up, you won't be able to.  

So here is the shape I used.  I cut a bunch of them out on the silhouette cameo, but you need 10 of them for each flower.  

The first thing you need to do is colour the centres of each flower, on both sides, this doesn't need to be terribly neat, as you just see a hint of colour on the inside of each of the petals when the flower is finished.  I used a colour called old rose, a versacolor ink.  

The next thing you need to do is shape and mold each of the petals on 9 of the flowers (you leave one that is not shaped), This give dimension and helps be able to fold the petals up.  So I go around each flower and mold the two edges of each petal all around the flower on one side.

The next thing to do is flip the flower over, and mold the centre part of each petal all the way around the flower, you will see the petals begin to fold up as you go around. 

Once you have finished all 9 flowers, you need to cup each of the flowers and lightly squeeze the ends.

You are now ready to put the flower together, So take the one flower that you haven't shaped, this will be a base for the flower.  Put a dab of glue onto one side of a folded flower and glue it onto the base, positioning it to the edge of the outside of the base petals and staggered between two of the base petals,  like the photo below.

You now work around the rest of the base, doing this with 4 more of the petals. this forms a rosette of petals but leaves a whole in the centre, like below.

Now with the final three petals, you are going to stick them onto the top of the base layer, sometimes you need to push them down into the gap in the middle, as they tend to want to sit up a bit higher.  Just push them a little into the gap and they should look like the one below

This is completed, so just let it dry and it is ready to use on a card or a similar project.

Here is an arrangement I used them on.  

I hope you like them.  I think depending on what die or punch you use, you can end up with a more frilly look like a carnation, especially if it has quite uneven or jagged edge to it.  


Friday, 21 February 2014

Wedding Cards ... I do ...

I haven't posted anything for such a long time, I don't know where the time goes some time!  Working full time, and then having various different projects on the go, trying to have a go at some cake decorating and sugar flowers, I just haven't had time to sit down and do some posts.

I have been doing cards when I have had a chance, and have managed to take some photographs of the Wedding ones I did recently, I just hadn't got to do the actual posts.

I had made some Wedding cards using a Digi stamp that I had purchased previously, and some with a couple of digi stamps I purchased recently. 

The first two are with the Digital stamp called Bella from Sassy Studio designs, she is such a pretty lady, and I love it! 

This one I have used the Spellbinder Fleur De Lis Rectangles and the Lace Corner set Deco  Die F.  The flowers I have made, and punched leaves, with some crystal stickles and pearls to finish.  

This second one is very similar, but this one I have used the Spellbinder Radiant Rectangles frame, a silhouette studio corner some roses and daisies I have made, with ribbon and pearls. 

These next three are digital stamps purchased from Redonkadoodles.
This Wedding couple I have cut out with the Spellbinders Gold Label Four die, some printable blue lace paper I got from a dvd that was in a Simply cards and Papercraft magazine some time ago, put out  by docrafts Digital Designer. The corner is the Lace Corner set Deco die B, more of my own flowers, and punched leaves with the Marianne creatables Leafy swirl die

This one I have used the same image, but have just done the top part, I have mounted it on the  Spellbinder A2 Filigree Delight Die set, mounted on some peach coloured lace paper.  Some lace down the side, and some of my own flowers again with some tiny punched daisies with pearls in the centre and in the brides hair, and punched leaves.   

Finally this one is again using the Spellbinder Fleur De Lis Rectangles, it is hard to see in the photo, but the detail on the brides dress has been highlighted with some crystal stickles.  The doily behind the flowers is a Birdcage card one found here, and the corner is from svg.cuts.  The main mauve flower is a die called Heirloom rose by MFT die-namics dies. The designer paper is a Jak Heath downloadable flourish paper.  

Hopefully these cards were worth waiting for.  I have made boxes for all of them to be put in so that it protects the 3D flowers.  

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Two blue Christmas cards

I get a bit tired of Green and red Christmas cards, so I have made two blue and white ones.  

The first one I have used the Leane Creatief Popco Winter stamp, this time using the whole stamp, inking behind each part with blue ink and colouring it with Tombow pens.  

I have used two different snowflake designer papers. mounted on light and royal blue card.  The snowflake border die is the Joy Crafts 3002/2021 and the hanging snowflake is a Memory Box Precious Snowflake die 98729 which I have done in glitter card. The embellishment is a couple of acrylic stars with glitter inside.  

This other one I decided to make a centre step card, as I thought it showed off the snowflake border die well.  I have used a snowflake designer paper behind them and they are just done with white card.  The centre part is the Marianne Creatables Petra's bridge die LR0276 which I inked with a royal blue ink.  The picture is a vintage Christmas scene.  

Both a little different for Christmas cards, I don't usually do snowy scenes and snowflakes for Christmas cards here, as we have Christmas in our summer, so we don't know what it is like to have a snowy Christmas like the northern hemisphere.  But oh well we can dream can't we!

3 card using one die differently

When I get a new die, I always try and think of as many different ways to use it as I can, sometimes different colours make it look quite different.  Or even thinking about the negative space or embossed or not can make it look quite different.  
I have done 3 Christmas Cards using a Leane Creatief Pine Tree die 45.8947.

This first one is quite a simple one, that I have die cut an aperture in a piece of card with the Marianne creatables Oval Frame Die LR0235 and used the outside scalloped part to put around the edge.  I also cut out one of the holly branches from the Marianne Creatables die LR0244 in white and wrapped it around the top of the frame.  I have raised this with foam strips, put a sheet of the Leanne Creatief christmas paper pack behind and tucked the tree die inside the space, but left a couple of the lower branches out the front, so that it gave it some dimension.  Before I did this, I decorated the tree with some red and white string and some tiny little gems to resemble Christmas decorations.  The star at the top is also from the Pine tree die set.  The sentiment is a Cheery Lynn sentiment die.

This one is done with the same pine tree die, but I cut out 3 of each of the sizes, folded them in half and glued one on top of the other down the central fold, so that it fanned out and made a 3 dimensional tree.  I have mounted these on some more from the Leane Creatief Christmas paper pack.  The Stamp is also a Leane Creatief stamp called Popco Winter.  I have coloured it with aquash pencils and Tombow pens and cut around the outside edge and glued onto the paper.  The star again is from the same set, which I have cut out in gold mirror board. 

The final one is all white other than the sentiment.  I have embossed the background with the pulled together Couture creations embossing folder.  I love this one, it is so versatile.  The trees I have cut and embossed in white card, and then I have put some crystal stickles on the bottom edge of each bough.  The bank of snow at the bottom is just a piece of a bubbles embossing folder.  The stars from the die set are done in white with the stickles on them so they are sparkly.  
Finally the sentiment is done with the same Cheery Lynn sentiment die and I have mounted it on the Joy Crafts Fancy Oval 6002/0258 die set.  

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Christmas Bauble card tutorial

I have been making a Christmas Bauble card with woven ribbon to make a lattice pattern in a aperture, and thought I would share it with you by doing a tutorial.  I have only done one other tutorial on my blog, so I am new to this, so I hope the instructions make sense.

This is a finished card. But for the tutorial I am doing a green version. 

Some of the materials you will need to make the card are a reel of 3mm ribbon, some card that coordinates or contrasts the ribbon, a holly die, I have used the Marianne creatable holly LR0244, some red gems and a ribbon tied from the ribbon.  

 I have done my version on the Silhouette cameo, but you can achieve the same results if you have a Christmas Bauble die such as the Marianne Creatables, or the Spellbinder Heirloom bauble die.  Bare in mind though, that if your die isn't perfectly symmetrical,  then you will need to flip your top piece over, so that they fit perfectly on top of each other for the finished card.  

One piece of white card is 23cm x 18cm 
 which will be folded in half to make the card. The second piece that is 18cm x 11.5cm.

The bauble is is cut into both pieces.  The larger one is cut so that the bottom point is 2.5cm from the bottom, and 2.5 cm in from the right hand side.  The smaller piece is 1.2cm  from the bottom and 1.2cm from each side.  

The piece that you cut out, use as a template and draw around the outside on a scrap piece of card like the one below, and draw a diagonal grid 1cm between lines.

Next lay the larger piece over your grid, and fasten down with removable tape if you wish.

With a reel of of 3mm ribbon.  Anything will be OK, I used some gold edged ribbon for some of my other examples.  Cut small pieces and stick each one along one side with some acid free sticky tape.  Leave the other end loose at this stage. 

Next you want to weave another strip of ribbon under and over the pieces you have already stuck down, going on the diagonal by lifting every second ribbon and slipping it under, and letting it fall back into place.  Once you have finished, stick it down each end.  

Continue in this way, gradually filling up the aperture.  

You must make sure you don't go beyond the area that is to be covered with the smaller cut out piece (top) as it is to hide all the tape and ends.  

When you have completed this, go around the outside area of the bauble with double sided tape, to look like the one below and set aside for the time being.

 Now we need to get the top (smaller) piece ready.  

With the side that is going to be the front, put a small piece of ribbon folded over the top down to the top of the bauble, and folded through the top of the cut shape. Stick this down at the back with some sticky tape, like below.

With your contrast or coordinating card cut a piece that is 9.5cm x 16cm. 
(Apologies, this piece is actually a forest green, but it didn't photograph very well)
Using your top piece as a template, lay it on the card centering it so that the green forms a border around it, draw around the cut out piece with a pencil.  

Next you want to cut roughly around this shape making it slightly bigger than the pencil outline, and remove the piece.

Now mount the top white part with the ribbon strip onto this piece with double sided tape, so that it makes a small frame around the top part.

Go back to the base part, peel off the top part of the double sided tape that you have put around the woven ribbon, and now mount the top part onto the base, with double sided tape around the perimeter, making sure you match the two apertures perfectly.  Press down where the top meets the woven ribbon to make sure it seals the layers.  

Finally cut out some holly
stick it either side of the ribbon strip that goes to the top, glue the ribbon bow over where they join.  put some red gems as berries on to the holly stalks.  You can put a sentiment onto it if you wish, I chose to leave it simple and clean.  

Below is some other colour variations I have made and some other versions with a slightly different shaped bauble, with some music paper as the top and a poinsettia as well.  

The possibilities and colour combinations are endless.  Do give it a go, and I look forward to seeing some done.  

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Apricot and white spellbinder sympathy card

Another Sympathy card, this one done with one of my most favourite dies at the moment.  The Spellbinder A@ scalloped Borders One die.  It is so pretty!

I have kept it simple really, I folded a piece of card in half and put a combination of 3 of the borders together along the bottom edge and ran it through the cuttlebug through both thicknesses.  I did the same on another piece of narrower card, and embossed it.  I then scored a line just above the border design, and cut a flap about 1 cm wide from the other side of the score line.  I cut a piece of apricot card with just a narrow border die, just slightly deeper than where the bottom border on the white finishes.  I cut it out so that it fitted inside the flap of the white piece, so that it formed a liner underneath the white piece.  I stuck down the flap that you have created, along the top edge of the folded card on the front.    

Next I embossed another small piece of card with the 'tied together' couture creations embossing folder, and framed it with some apricot card and stuck it on the front of the card, over the flap (so you hide most of the flap) and finally put a bit of double sided tape on the inside of the flap and stick it down over the embossed piece.  

Finally I cut out an computer printed sentiment with the tag from the Spellbinder A2 Filigree Delight die set.  I cut out a piece of Apricot scrap card, slightly bigger than the tag, popped some apricot pearls on it.  finally I tied a ribbon and bow at the top and it is finished.