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Thursday, 10 July 2014

21st Birthday Card

I have just made a card for my Daughter for her 21st.

I made the card with some flourish designer paper, and then used the Anja's border Marianne Creatables Die LR0300 which is the white part top and bottom, with a strip of card between. On top of that is a white oval with the sentiment and matted with a purple oval.  The 21st is a cake decorating plastic numbers I had lying around. The wee doily at the bottom with her name on it is the centre of the round passe-partout Marianne Craftables die.

The largest flower is a spellbinder rose creation rose. All the rest of the flowers are roses all made with a six petal marianne creatables die, but you can get punches and dies of various different brands just like it too.  You can also make this rose with a 5 petal punch or die, and they turn out well as well.  They look like either of these;

All the roses are just made a slightly different way or different sizes.  The mauve and white ones next to the Spellbinder rose is made like you see various different you tube videos, just do a search for paper roses with a punch.  There is a lady called Sandy Risi that does a great tutorial and another lady called Patty Gorka who also does one which shows you how to cut the petals for each layer, mold them and glue them together.  The little pink ones I have not molded at all, and the white ones with the purple stamens were done molding the petals then then turned them upside down, and left the middle out and put stamens in instead.  The buds are just one petal, but I have snipped the parts between each petal into the centre a little, and then folded 3 of the petals into the centre and glued them, and then the last two petals around the centre ones.  Then added a calyx punch and threaded them onto florist wire.  

Finally some flat pearls, and a diamante key embellishment that I had bought years ago to finish it off.  I made a box for it, like some of the other boxes I have made, but I made this quite plain, as I didn't want her to see the card until she had opened it.  She loved it!


Maryann Laursen said...

A very beautiful card Helen, and finally I for once got an update from you, even I signed for those many months ago, but this is the first time, I´ve actually got the notes of it. I can see, that the next book card here it shows no pictures here at all, only the white space with the red x´s, so can´t see it, I´m afraid, but I´m sure, it+´s just as beautiful as everything else, you ever make.
Hope you´re doing fine and having a great time.

Helen Holmes said...

Thanks Mary Ann, I have redone the pictures for the book card, so hopefully everyone can see them now. I don't know what happened there!

Trish said...

What a beautiful card Helen,gorgeous !

Carol Rossouw said...

Hi Helen. I've never commented on your blog before, but I have been following it for about a year or more. This card (and the next one - the book) are simply beautiful! I love the way you use flowers on your cards. Just thought I must post this - all the way from Namibia. Hugs xx

Sheena Torres said...

Wow .. this card is really lovely . love the design and concept of it. Well done !! . Really perfect to write those warm 21st birthday wishes. thanks for sharing :)

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