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Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Rose made from frame

This card was done for Fat Cats Card Corner, to show the versatility of the Marianne Craftables Frame dies.  This one is done with the Rectangle frame only, not the flower die.  

This time I didn't cut the die out, but just embossed with it.  There was a fine line between using enough shims to get the embossing detailed enough, but without cutting through the card.  

The flowers were also done with the frame die as well, I cut two frames out for each flower and embossed them.  I then cut the long side off of each side and glued each of the four strips together, one to another, matching up the holes and scallop.  I put a curved slit at the dip of each scallop of the frame, which was to make each petal of the rose.  

Once that was done along  the full length of the strip, it was just a matter of rolling it up with the embossed side inwards, just like you do for a spiral rose, trying to get the petals to be alternated.  I then let it go a little, and then glued it onto a circle punched out.  Finally it was just a matter of folding the petals back and there was a rose!

The leaves were from the Spellbinder Foliage die collection.  


Maryann said...

WOUW just another stunning creation here helen, so gorgeous work again hun.

Anita Kejriwal said...

absolutely stunning! So elegant!!

Patti Jo said...

So creative and love your technique!!! Gorgeous card Helen!!! Thanks for sharing how you made the roses!

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