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Friday, 16 December 2011

A Punched Christmas Wreath tutorial

To make a Christmas Wreath with the branch punch you need to punch out lots of punches with green paper.  I have done this one with the Nellie Snellen Branch punch, but the Martha Stewart Branch Punch. I have used two shades of green, but you can do it all with just one colour or use 3 or 4 shades which looks really good too.  You can even mix it up by using other shaped leaves such as holly leaves which gives a fuller look. 
The base is made by using two sizes of a circle spellbinder die, but you could use a larger punch, and one slightly smaller.  The outside circle is about 5cm or 2 inches in diameter and the middle one is about 3.5cm or 1 1/2 inches in diameter. You could even just cut it freehand and with scissors.  It will be completely covered with punches so it won't be seen, so  It doesn't have to be perfect.  

Now you are ready to start gluing the punches onto the ring base, using a craft glue.  All you are gluing is the bottom stalk of the punch.  The rest is left loose, so that it looks more realistic.  Use one main colour and if you are using any other coloured punches, then dot them throughout the wreath every 3-4 and alternate the sides you put them, top or bottom, or middle.  Make sure all the branches are facing the same way.  You will work your way around the base in a spiral pattern.  
As you work around it will start looking like this one.  Keep layering the punches so that it looks full, the more you put on the better it will look and more 3 dimensional.  When you get to the place where you started, you will need to tuck the ends of the branches under the top of the ones where you started, to make it look like the beginning ones are on top of the last ones you are gluing.  

This is how it should look completed.  The centre is just some baking/wax paper that I have the wreath sitting on until the glue dries.  It can then be decorated with crystals and bows etc.  


Maryann said...

Great tutorial Helen, its very easy to follow. You did a great job here, and the wreath looks awesome.

bev said...

Thank you so much for sharing this tutorial. You did an awesome job...would love to see a photo after you have decorated it.

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