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Monday, 28 May 2012

75th Birthday Card for my Mum

I have made two different cards, one of which will be for my Mum

I have been experimenting with the new Marianne Creatables Anja Corner die I have just purchased from Fat Cats Card Corner, and the Spellbinder Rose Creation dies that I have also bought.  The Anja Corner die has turned out to be a bit problematic, as if you do more than one corner, the process of embossing the second corner, ends up flattening the first ones embossing.  I think you are supposed to purchase two of them, and emboss and cut two at the same time.  

This card is again in the red and white, that I find so striking!  I have done alternative corners, so that you only need to put it through the cuttlebug partially on the second corner, so that you don't flatten the first one. 

The roses I have done various different size combinations for the rose creations dies.  The large one in the middle, I used the second to biggest for the bottom two petals, and then the 3rd to larges for the other 3 petals in the centre.  The two roses and the buds are done with the 2nd and 3rd to smallest sizes 3 of the smallest ones and two of the larger one.  the partly opened bud is made with two the the 2nd to smallest sized and the buds at the outside top and bottom are done with just one of the 2nd to smallest die as well.  The calyx is done with a small star shaped 5 petalled flower punch.  The leaves are done in a variety of sizes.  The second size of the rose creations leaf die for the 6 middle ones.  I cut the next two on each size out in freehand, and then the small ones by the outside bud is done with the Martha Stewart rose leaf punch.  I inked them with two different coloured ink pads, one called olive and one bamboo around the edges.  The sentiment is done on the computer and the numbers are done with the Cuttlebug Typewriter Die set.  

The second card I did with the Spellbinder Rose Creations dies again, but changed the background on this one.  

I have done the corners of the background with the Nellie Snellen corner dies, and then embossed it with the Cuttlebug dots folder.  The frame is a Couture Creations Fleur de Frame nesting die.  I have to say, I find this die really difficult to get your card out of the die once you have embossed it.  Even using wax paper between the die and the card, it is still tricky to get out, and I quite often find the little thin bits on the side tear.  Its very pretty though.  I have faintly sponged the edges with an orchid coloured stamp pad to match the centre of the flowers, also done in that colour.  

I did the flowers a little differently than the red and white card above, these ones I did the whole flower with the same sized die, but each flower is a size smaller die, as you go down the bunch.  The leaves are done with the same way and the same colours as the above card.  

I have done the sentiment again on the computer, and the number is done with the Sizzix 'Funky Brush' Alphabet die set.  I have just realised that I had been going to put some pink pearls onto the punch whole at the bottom of the frame to hide it, and then maybe in the corners as well just to 'bling' it up a little. I will go back and fix that up.  

Now all I have to do is pick which one I want to give to Mum for her birthday.  I think it will probably be the pink one, as that is more her, but not totally sure yet.  


Ani said...

Your roses are gorgeous! What kind of paper do you use to make them? Is it a regular thin paper or cardstock?

shimmeringstar said...

Do you sell these please? The red roses card is just gorgeous!

Helen Holmes said...

Sorry not this one, I did this one for my Mum back in 2012, so she has this one. But thanks for your lovely comment.

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